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Ongoing works

  1. We have written a book ‘’Pregnancy series 1 – All you need to know about antenatal care’’The book will serve as information for pregnant women. We are presently working on the other two series which are as following:

  •  Pregnancy series II – All you need to know about labour and childbirth.
  •  Pregnancy series III – All you need to know about postnatal care.


       2. Production of documentary films for women. In many of the African    countries, information leaflets are not given to patients; the only sources of information are the healthcare professionals and the Internet. So we are presently working on three documentary films, namely:

  • Pre-pregnancy healthcare; this will go a long way to prevent many of the complications that occur in pregnancy.
  • The menstrual cycle and it complications.
  • Week-by-week development of your baby.


       3.Training project called the ‘’RUMERCEND Project.’’ The abbreviation means ‘’Rural and urbanmedical education and re-education and referral cascade in the Niger Delta area of Nigerian.’’ ‘’Impact on maternal and perinatal mortality. For now we are gathering the data or maternal and perinatal mortality in five local Government are of Rivers State in the Niger Delta where the project is taking place. Please find uploaded unto the website, the protocol for the RUMERCIND project.


       4. Research projects. We are presently conducting several research projects in obstetrics and gynaecology and other fields of medicine. Particular interest is paid to environmental research in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, especially the impact of environmental pollution in the Niger Delta on the mother, embryo, fetus and the newborn. We are presently drafting a proposal for the Nigerian Government and Shell Petroleum company on the topic ‘’Path to actualization of the health recommendations of the United Nation UNEP on Ogoniland of 2011’’(please find uploaded unto the website UNEP report on the environmental pollution in Ogoniland.


      5. We are in the process of forming ‘’The Niger Delta Down syndrome Foundation.’’ We have good evidence to confirm that there is more incidence of chromosomal abnormalities in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria than in any other part of the country. We do not have the reason for this but it may probably be as a consequence of the catastrophic environmental degradation in the Delta. We are therefore forming the above Foundation that will cater for the affected babies. We will also provide facilities for prenatal diagnosis so that fetuses with the problem can be identified early in pregnancy and termination of pregnancy offered to their mothers.