We set out to influence those in power so that health policies, practices and financing better serve the needs of the poor.

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Our Mission

It includes the following:

  1. To highlight the medical and social issues which affect women and raise the awareness of the Governments of sub-Saharan African countries of them.

  2. To educate women living in remote villages and towns by providing vital medical information for them. Information is provided in the form of patient information leaflets, books, videos, DVDs and also on this website. In the future, interval magazine will be published and given to women.

  3. To run outreach workshops in communities, churches, schools, primary health centres and hospitals.

  4. Provision of training for Medical Professionals, including healthcare assistants, nurses, midwives and doctors. This is carried out in collaboration with medical colleges, universities and institutes of higher learning both in Africa and in developed countries, for example, training of doctors in fetal medicine, scanning, minimal access surgery and incontinence surgery

  5. To set up healthcare units in different African States that will provide needed specialised care for women

  6. To carry out research and audits that will enhance women’s care on the African content. This is achieved also by collaborating with international bodies and higher institutions.

  7. We have brought under one umbrella, different NGOs that deal with women’s care.
    They are as following:
  8. a. HIV/AID and Malaria in pregnancy concern.
    b. Diabetes concern
    c. Down Syndrome association of Africa
    d. Miscarriage Association of different African countries
    e. Teenage pregnancy concern
    f. Incontinence Association of Africa.
    g. Breast and genital cancer concern.
    h. Environmental concern

    Each of these NGOs operates independently but they are united under the common banner – African Women’s Health Foundation.