HIV Rx In Adults

WHO guidelines for ART for HIV infection in adults and adolescents were originally published in 2002, and were revised in 2003 and 2006. New evidence has emerged on when to initiate ART, optimal ART regimens, the management of HIV coinfection with tuberculosis and chronic viral hepatitis, and the management of ART failure. This evidence formed the basis for the new recommendations contained in the 2010 guidelines and summarized in this Rapid advice. Consideration was given to the risks and benefits of implementing each recommendation, in addition to its acceptability, cost and feasibility...

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1. Our HIV policy

2. Epidermics of HIV in Africa

3. HIV and infant feeding

4. HIV control at home. living with HIV

5. HIV in Pregnancy

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7. HIV preexposure prophylaxis

8. HIV Prevention in healthcare workers

9. HIV RX for adults

10. HIV RX in children

11. HIV RX in couples

12. HIV virus and transmission

13. Prevention of HIV in the general public

14. Rx of pregnant women

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