HIV operational plan 2013

WHO’s HIV Programme, acting in line with the broader reform agenda at WHO, has realigned its human and financial resources to position its guidance and support for country HIV and broader health programmes more effectively. Both the GHSS and the realignment of WHO’s HIV programme focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its contributions to national HIV responses and better coordinating its work across regions and related technical areas...

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1. Our HIV policy

2. Epidermics of HIV in Africa

3. HIV and infant feeding

4. HIV control at home. living with HIV

5. HIV in Pregnancy

6. HIV operational plan 2013

7. HIV preexposure prophylaxis

8. HIV Prevention in healthcare workers

9. HIV RX for adults

10. HIV RX in children

11. HIV RX in couples

12. HIV virus and transmission

13. Prevention of HIV in the general public

14. Rx of pregnant women

15. WHO on Rx of HIV 2013

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