We set out to influence those in power so that health policies, practices and financing better serve the needs of the poor.

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African Women’s Health Foundation

The African women’s health foundation is a Non-Government Organisation NGO that deals exclusively with health issues concerning women on the African continent.

The extent of women’s health problems

Among the very many problems that exist, we have highlighted the following:

  1. The chance of a women dying during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and after birth is far higher in the sub-Sahara Africa than in any other region of the world.

  2. Death of a child during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and in the first month after birth is alarmingly higher in sub-Sahara Africa than in any other region of the world.

  3. There is paucity of information about health issues among African women, specifically on the following subjects: pregnancy, labour, childbirth, post-delivery care, killer diseases and healthy living.

  4. There is acute shortage of specialists in different fields of medical care in sub-Sahara Africa, for instance, in the whole of Nigeria with a population of more than 160 million people, there are less than 3 specialists in feto-maternal medicine and urogynaecology

  5. Many needed medical services are not offered in the sub-Sahara Africa; for instance in Nigeria, women are not offered curative treatment for urinary incontinence because there are no doctors to provide the service.

  6. Sub-Sahara Africa is characterised by the following social vices of existence: poverty, lack of basic facilities like clean water, clean air and in some areas, significant environmental pollution.